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QueueRite Features

SMS Capability SMS Capability

Allow the customers more convenience while waiting for their turn, our system can send out SMS notifications as the customer's queue number is getting near. 
For example, the system can send SMS message like:
 "You are now number 3 in the Payment queue line."                   
 "You are currently number 5 in Verification queue line. Estimated waiting time is 25 minutes." 
 "You are currently number 6 in the queue line. Expected time to be called is 10:45 AM." 

Software customization Software customization

We recognize that each business is unique, so our queueing software can be configured to your specific needs. We have in-house programmers that can customize the features and functionalities of the existing QueueRite System to specifically suit the requirements of your business.

Security-enabled Security-enabled

The Ivant Queue Management System requires a username / password log-in as an initial security feature. The starting numbers for queuing are also randomized to further safeguard the queuing process.

Browser-based Browser-based

The QueueRite System is a browser-based application, so there is no need for software installation on the client computers. It runs on the client company’s local area network connection..

Third-party integration capability Third-party integration capability

QueueRite System has an Application Programming Interface (API) which provides a common ground for existing third party program of the clients to integrate seamlessly.

Statistics reports Statistics reports

The QueueRite System offers statistics reports as a means to help in analyzing customer service; i.e., for the number of customer served for each counter, the number of customers arriving at a certain period, typical waiting times, etc.

Extensive hardware compatibility Extensive hardware compatibility

The QueueRite System regular desktop PC's, off the shelf POS printers and regular LCD / LED monitors. There is no need to upgrade or to purchase a different set of hardware devices if you will be using the QueueRite System.

Media Player availability Media Player availability

Use the QueueRite System media player to show clips and keep your waiting clients entertained. Advertisements, company commercials and promotions can be also be featured to promote your business, or to introduce a new product or service. Clients waiting in line are a captive audience and very responsive to advertisement messages.

Benefits of a Queuing System

The ideal business owner would look after the best interests of the clients.  To do this, the owner must cater to the clients' needs by eyeing ways to enhance customer experience.  A queuing system will significantly help the customer have a favorable experience even while he or she has to wait in line before being served.

Here are more ways by which a queuing system can help you in your business operations:

  1. Business representatives and staff members can offer better services because the service flow or the business operations process is more organized.
  2. The business process will be more efficient and thus, will lead to a quicker turnaround time.
  3. The system is automated so reports on the speed and efficiency of the service can be generated automatically.
  4. The business owners or managers would have better means to assess the effectiveness of their operational flow.
  5. The operational process will be more organized and as a result, confusion and unintentional mistakes will be avoided.