QueueRite Features

Web Browser Based Compatible with Windows 7 and / or Windows 10 OS

The Admin would be able to monitor in real-time the following system parameters:

  • All Queue Tickets issued including Tickets served and Tickets currently in queue
  • The Highest (Latest) Queue number being called
  • The total number of Waiting customers per Service
  • The total number of customers Tickets served for today
  • Total number of logged in Staff Agent for the day
  • Queue Number currently being served for each Counter

Able to produce the following operation reports

  • Average Transaction Time per Service or per Agent
  • Longest Waiting Customer & Time per Service
  • Staff Name mapped to each of the Services
  • Total number of customers served per counter per time period
  • Actual Transaction Time of customers at the counter for each Service per time period

The System can produce the following data reports which can be exported to Excel and PDF formats.

  • Daily Queue Summary Report
  • Counter Summary Report
  • Staff Summary Report
  • Services Summary Report
  • Transactions Summary Report
  • All Queue Transaction Log File Report

System can determine the estimated Waiting Time per Service and show on the queue ticket

The system has built-in security log in featuring different levels of User Access Profile.

The software can store statistical data and generates daily, weekly and monthly reports for Service, Staff, Counter, per hourly reports.

The main Customer Display showing the Queue Number being called:

  • should have a bell tone audio and an English audio read out of the numbers and corresponding counter numbers.
  • two or more Main Displays can be hooked up to the system showing the same information and the software should support any brand of TV displays.
  • Scrolling message display for announcements can be configured

Different Priority per Service can be assigned to different counters.

The Ticket Printer module with the following features:

  • A single ticket dispensing machine capable of issuing different number series for multiple Services
  • The Queue numbers are printed only when the Service button is selected
  • Date and time of the queue ticket issue is printed on the ticket stub.
  • Multiple Tickets printed per queue if needed.
  • Queue numbers are automatically reset to the beginning number range at the beginning of each day.
  • Messages, images or company logo can be printed on the queue ticket.
  • Messages can be added into the printed ticket to advertise new services or products.
  • The Position Number of the customer in the queue can be printed onto the queue ticket.
  • The Ticket Printer software can be run in mobile tablets / iPads for both iOS and Android

The Teller Call Terminal software will have the following features:

  • Web Browser based software to avoid need for executable program installers per Teller PC.
  • The Teller Staff can input the Transactions Type so statistics and reports can be generated for each type of Transaction.
  • User will be required to log in/log out of the system
  • Real-time monitoring for the number of waiting customers per Service.
  • Call next customer button should be easy to use.
  • Caller Software has the Standby feature to let Customer come back again to the same Service queue.
  • Can tag Customer as No Show if the Customer already left the queue
  • Allows override to call any customer queue ticket in line.
  • System can configure and prioritize Customers by type of Service.
  • Allow Tellers in each Counter to select and switch between types of Services
  • Record for No Show customers.
  • Allow Counter staff to input number of Transactions so transaction times can be computed
  • Each Teller can be evaluated per customer or per transaction.
  • Able to transfer the Customer to another Service either at the beginning or end of the queue for that Service.
  • Possible integration with ADFS or OAuth for single sign on.

SMS Notification functions:

  • Can connect to SMS via GSM modem or online SMS API Gateway like Twillo
  • System has SMS Notification feature to update customers on their position in line
  • The System can configure SMS notification once a Customer reaches the Nth position

Online Check-in Queue Ticket Creation

  • Customers can get queue ticket via a URL or QR Code via mobile phone
  • Customers can monitor their queue position from mobile phone web browser

Customer Survey

  • Allow customer to rate the Teller Staff who handled the specific Queue Ticket
  • Survey URL link can be sent via SMS after ticket has been called

Online Appointment System

  • Allow to set available number of slots per Service per Branch location
  • Tickets with appointments are prioritized over regular walk in tickets
  • Allows the company to throttle customer arrivals and spread to less popular business hours

Custom APK for connection to various Android POS Printer devices for Customer Queue Ticket generation.