QueueRite Appointments

QueueRite Online Appointment Workflow:

Online via Web
  1. The Customer will go to the online appointment URL for example http://onlineappointment.yourwebsite.com
  2. If Customer has no existing account, she will need to register and create her account.
  3. If she already has an existing record, Customer will need to input username and password to authenticate.
  4. Logged in Customer will select the Service, and further select from the available dates and available time slots.
  5. Once appointment is made, that time slot will be marked as unavailable for other Customers. An email confirmation will be sent with validation code.
  6. Appointments made can be cancelled by the Customer account who created it, within 24 hours from the time of appointment.

Onsite at Branch

  1. When the Customer arrives during appointment time, the Receptionist will manually check and validate the reservation validation code made from the system.
  2. A reservation queue ticket number will be generated.
  3. During the appointed time, the reservation queue number will be called regardless of any walk-in queue number that might have arrived before her.
  4. The online appointment ticket number will have a prefix, for example if regular Customers are 1000 to 1999, online appointment Customers can have 1003-A, 2005-A
  5. Those who arrived late for the appointment time will proceed to regular queue ticket.