On Premise Customer Queue Server

A single stand alone PC Server that will handle the queue management of one Branch location. This is the easiest to set up, and operates via the LAN within the Branch location.

Private Cloud Queue Server

Allows for multiple Queue Systems in differnet Branches to be hosted in a single virtual Cloud Instance. Typically hosted on the client's private cloud WAN infrastructure. Network connectivity with very low latency for all Branches is a requirement for this setup.

Online Appointment Module

Custom software module that allows your customer to create an appointment queue in the selected Branch. The final workflow will be customized to the customer, such as user account verification, the services allowed for online appointments, how many appointment slots per time period per Branch.

Central Server Module

Allow the organization to connect to multiple stand alone on premise QueueRite servers across Branches, and extract the performance reports from these Branches. Also allows to centrally manage User Accounts and Video Schedules across different Branches.


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