Partner with Us

For system integrator companies and kiosk hardware companies worldwide, we look forward to
partnering with you in delivering your customer queue management solutions. Our QueueRite software provides these advantages:
  • Very generous reseller discount incentives.
  • Our extensive experience translates to valuable consultation on the customer queue workflow process
  • Extensive and timely software support, from the software presales stage to the full implementation stage.
  • Diverse experience in software development with various hardware, iOS and Android mobile app, Windows based Kiosk integration, etc.
  • Suitable for multiple modes of implementation: as a standalone system, central server publicly accessible, company private cloud VPN or any mixed systems.
  • Multiple language capability: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French etc.
  • Option to white label the software as needed

Contact us at info@queuerite.com and we look forward to partnering with you.